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What would a trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines be without taking home lasting impressions of the country? Souvenirs of SVG can be found all over the islands in shops and hotel shopping arcades and they range from T-Shirts to local handicraft items.

What to buy:

You can find almost anything you want at most of the shops in downtown Kingstown. Visitors who want a quick referral for specific products will find our list below useful. It consists of main product categories and places where they can be purchased.

Jewellery & Watches

Herbs and Spices

Fishing Equipment

Diving and Snorkelling Equipment


Home Entertainment

Home Furnishings

Film and Photo Developers

Souvenirs and Gifts


Sports Equipment and Sports Wear


Shopping Tips:

St. Vincent has a small business district with a number of stores and boutiques. These stores offer a wide variety of local items including crafts, clothing, foods, and liquor which could be purchased at a duty free store in Kingstown. Before you head out to shop, its best to equip yourself with some information on local practices and conditions. The following information should make your shopping spree hassle free and even more pleasant.

Prices and Bargains:

The local news papers will give you a fair idea of prices to expect. The next best thing to do would be a quick price comparison among the various shops. You’re bound to find that same items sold in several shops throughout town. There’s no need to worry about whether you are getting the best bargain in department stores. All items come with price tags. Many small retailers also practice price tagging but are often flexible when approached for a discount on the goods.

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