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Introduction - Section St. Vincnt and the Grenadines People, Language and Religion

The People:Vincentians

The majority of the population live in the coastal areas and the main valleys of much of St. Vincent’s interior. The population is estimated (1998) to be 119,818, with about a quarter of the people living in the capital, Kingstown and its suburbs, while approximately 8% live within the Grenadine islands. Most of the people are of African decent, with a small percentage of Amerindian/black, European, East Indian and Carib (descent) people.

Their Language:

English is the dominant and official language of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. For everyday use, however, most Vincentians speak a local dialect, called Vincentian English or “Vincy” English.

Their Religion:

Christianity is an important part of most Vincentians’ lives. The largest segment of the population is Methodist, followed by other Protestant religions, plus a small Roman Catholic population.

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