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Generally, visitors do not require visas for entry when visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines as tourists. However, they are issued immigration forms which are valid (when completed) for a period of stay of up to 6 months upon arrival in St. Vincent. If you want to stay longer, you may apply to the Immigration Department after you arrive. You should have a valid passport, a return ticket and sufficient funds for your stay.

As regulations may change, check with your nearest SVG Mission or Tourism Board office before departure.



There is no restriction on the amount of currency you can bring in.

Duty Free Goods:

The following items are duty free but must be fully declared: Baggage and household effects, including wine or sprits not exceeding 1 quart in all; tobacco, not over half pound, or cigars not over 50 in number, or cigarettes, not over 200 in number, used implements, instruments and tools of profession, trade, occupation or employment.

Dutiable Goods:

Gifts, radios and other similar electrical equipment require a deposit pending re-exportation.

Personal Effects:

Jewelry, binoculars, cameras, sports requisites, portable typewriters, toys, medicines and toiletries for personal use only.

Restricted Items:

Narcotics, spear fishing equipment, arms and ammunition.


Licensed firearms must be declared and are subject to immigration and police regulations. An application must be made to the Commissioner of Police for a local licence. Undeclared and unlicensed firearms will be seized by the authorities.

The list of duty-free, dutiable, controlled and restricted goods is not exhaustive and is subject to change without notice. We will make every effort to post any update as they become available.

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